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New Hampshire - Vermont with Quebec Chapter Canada Christmas Tree Association Fall Field Meeting

Saturday, SEPTEMBER 24th 2022

Hosted by Marlene and Larry Downey at

Downey Tree Farm & Nursery, Inc. in Hatley, Quebec

On Saturday, September 24, the New Hampshire-Vermont Christmas Tree Association joins the Quebec Chapter of the Canadian Christmas Tree Association for their annual meeting at the Downey farm. Some additional topics will be covered and the registration process is different. See those details below. Dr. Whitehill will be presenting on the 24th as well.

Saturday tours and demonstrations will cover:

· Trimming Christmas Trees

· Exotic Hybrid Profiles

· Fertility and Fertilizer

· Weed Control

· Seed Orchard Pollination Techniques

· Cone Harvesting, Drying, Processing

· AFTERNOON HIGHLIGHT: guest presentation by

Dr. Justin Whitehill, “Root Disease Management”


8:00 Registration (Coffee & Donuts)

8:30 Welcome and Farm/Nursery History - the Downeys

9:00 Updated Agenda and Morning Program

12:30 Lunch and NH-VT Business Meeting

2:00 Afternoon Program

6:00 Diner and Social

Complete the attached registration form here

Lodging options:

Delta Hotels by Marriott, Sherbrooke: 1-819-822-1989

HoTeL Gouverneur, Sherbrooke: 1-888-910-1111

Hotel Le President, Sherbrooke: 1-800-363-2941


Downey Tree Farm Office: 1-819-566-0319 - or - 1-819-842-3449

Jimmy Downey: 1-819-212-0333

Larry Downey: 1-819-678-5329